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All About Capricorn

Every sign has a "patron planet," and Capricorn's happens to be no-nonsense Saturn. Astronomers and amateur stargazers find the rings surrounding that beautiful planet simultaneously fascinating and lovely, but these colourful circles are also an appropriate symbol of one of the things Saturn holds dear: boundaries. And as Saturn's favourite sign, Capricorns have definitely learned the value of keeping personal borders intact. After all, without self-discipline, order, rules and regulations, where would we be?

Capricorns also have a deep love for structure, a respect for experience and, not least of all, a great big dose of common sense. These folks take only calculated risks and are often the very soul of caution. In fact, if they're not careful, they can end up being a bit too pessimistic.

However, this absolutely doesn't mean that Capricorns don't know how to have fun! While their wit is dry and their humour is the exact opposite of slapstick, their sarcasm is unbeatable. What really makes them laugh, though, is intelligent humour -- the more odd and quirky, the better!

Capricorns deal with relationships much the same way they handle shopping. Their first step is to see what's out there by simply observing and comparing. They won't settle for anything less than exactly what they want. And once a Capricorn has it, they'll tend to those lucky loved ones much the same way they treat their most treasured items: They'll spoil them, pamper them and do absolutely everything they can to make things last. The fortunate person who ends up in a permanent relationship with a Capricorn can rest assured that there's absolutely nothing they won't do to keep that relationship thriving, especially as years go by!

December 21: Lunar eclipse in Gemini
Hours before the Sun enters Capricorn marking the Winter Solstice, a dramatic lunar eclipse occurs in the last degree of Gemini, highlighting all forms of communication. Whether it's captivating headlines about global and national events, or attention-grabbing information about people in your personal life, it seems like everybody has something to report! Watch for information overload, though. An innovative, yet erratic Uranus-Jupiter conjunction squares this emotional full Moon eclipse, making last-minute changes in plans likely. You'll be less frazzled if you know how to ride the waves of change.

December 21: The Sun enters Capricorn
The Winter Solstice is marked each year with the Sun's entrance into practical Capricorn, which is always a potent time to reflect upon your past and make plans for your future. Do you have something important you'd like to achieve next year? Do you have a goal to get married, find a job or contribute to world peace? No matter your ambitions, it's time to get down to business! Just like this sign's animal symbol, the mountain goat, set your sight on the highest peak and begin the journey to the top!

December 26: The Sun conjuncts Pluto
This conjunction brings a completion to a long-term cycle that began with Pluto's retrograde last April. A few months after that retrograde, when the Sun opposed Pluto last June, you had a chance to stand back and assess your power base. Now it's time to renew your focus -- this is a new cycle providing you with a fresh start. Are you standing in your power? Are you letting go of things you no longer need? Are you allowing your life to be transformed? If you know your chart, look at the house where this conjunction takes place. This is where your power base is, and if you don't get in the driver's seat, someone else may step in to take charge!

December 29: Mars squares Saturn
Sometimes the answer is simply "no." This square marks a time when what you want to do (Mars) meets the rules of the world or a person in a position of authority (Saturn). Can you get around objections or just seek another path? Perhaps. But keep in mind that you may ultimately benefit from delays, or by revising your original intentions. Something needs to be taken into account before you can proceed. Hard work is crucial for this transit -- just because things don't come easily is no reason to give up. Keep your eye on the ball, and stop and regroup as necessary. You'll see more forward movement at the end of the week.

December 29: Mercury turns direct
The last Mercury retrograde period of 2010 is over -- just in time for the New Year! No more second-guessing! Ever since Mercury turned retrograde in Capricorn on December 10, you've probably changed your mind a number of times. Hopefully, during the Mercury retrograde review, you returned to old ideas, conversations and agreements. Your ambitions (Capricorn) and the beliefs that support them (Sagittarius) have needed a thorough re-evaluation. If you've used this time well, you can now proceed with a more realistic understanding of both where you stand and what you need to do to be successful. With this knowledge, you're better prepared to make important decisions.

January 4: Solar eclipse in Capricorn
A solar eclipse is an extra-intense new Moon marking the beginning of an important and dramatic period -- one in which you can initiate important projects. Ambitious Capricorn's animal symbol is the mountain goat heading toward the peak, and you too can succeed if you take the necessary steps to reach your goal! Be smart about how you go about achieving what you want. Decide what you want to be responsible for -- and what you don't -- and take action to make your life secure through tangible, practical goals. As the Moon increases in light between this eclipse and the next full Moon on January 19, put your energies toward anything you want to see become stronger in your life.

January 4: Jupiter conjuncts Uranus
You have goals, dreams and plans, and now is the time to do something with them! In June 2010, these two planets came together in fiery Aries, encouraging you to take the initiative and reach out to the world. It was a time of big statements and actions. Now, expansive Jupiter and independent Uranus join forces in inspirational Pisces, giving you an opportunity to learn all about the power of your dreams.

January 7: Venus enters Sagittarius
When the love planet enters such a freedom-loving sign, you can't help but want to spread your wings! For those already committed, this is a great time to get out of the house together and take a trip somewhere you've never been -- even if it's in your own town. Single? During this nomadic transit, you'll have a great chance of meeting someone, so don't stay at home! Travel, attend a foreign film or take a language class. You never know -- the person sitting next to you may be your next soul mate!

January 10: Mercury sextiles Neptune and squares Uranus
Two collective, big-message planets -- Neptune and Uranus -- help you reach higher and think outside the box; they spark your imagination and stimulate your mind. Whether you need inspiration for a project or hope to meet interesting people, these aspects open up your world. Keep your eyes and ears open for opportunities to spice up your life!

January 11: Mercury squares Jupiter
You are uber-optimistic now and probably have some pretty big plans ... just be careful you don't commit to something you won't be able to follow through on. As hopeful as this aspect can be, it's also one that highlights misunderstandings. Sometimes what we say or even think is not in alignment with our beliefs. This is one of those times when you become aware of this discrepancy in yourself and others.

January 12: Mars sextiles Uranus
January 13: Mars sextiles Jupiter
Are you ready to take your projects, plans and ideas to a new level? As Mars connects with two very independent and freedom-oriented planets, you have plenty of opportunities to connect with new social circles and meet innovative people. Jupiter expands and Uranus adds change and excitement. You may feel restless for new experiences, and these aspects should deliver! Follow your impulse to shake up things up a bit.

January 13: Mercury enters Capricorn
As Mercury leaves freedom-loving Sagittarius and enters achievement-oriented Capricorn, you're finished exploring for the time being. This is an especially helpful transit for discussing the nuts and bolts of what you want. You're in an especially pragmatic frame of mind that can get your ideas to be taken seriously, so discuss where you want to commit your resources and which projects to take on. Communicate the specifics of what you want to accomplish, and people will do what they can to help you.

January 15: Mars enters Aquarius
As action-oriented Mars leaves pragmatic Capricorn and enters one of the most independent signs of the zodiac, it's time for you to get creative, innovative and start coloring outside the lines. If you can harness the active, assertive energy of Mars and the determination of this fixed Air sign, you can make inroads into areas you never thought were possible.

January 19: Full Moon in Cancer
A full Moon always culminates what was set in motion at the previous new Moon, which this time was a solar eclipse in Capricorn on January 4. Back then, your ambitions were in the spotlight; now you have a chance to assess how far you've come, and see what you need to put in place to succeed. The polarity of Capricorn and Cancer reminds you to maintain a sensible balance between your worldly ambitions and your family, home and personal life. For many, this balancing act requires a lot of attention! During this potent and sensitive full Moon, tune into your feelings and make nurturing yourself a goal. In the days following this full Moon -- but before the next new Moon -- plan to maximize what's great, or make changes that will make you feel more comfortable and secure.


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