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    Selection of Spreads

    Due to the increasing popularity of 3 card readings, I have now decided to simplify the selection of spreads to either 1 card or 3 cards.

    This means I can get more readings done in a shorter time to reach more people.



    * * *A single card reading  5 * * *
    The c
    ard will focus on answering the question. If the answer is vague or unclear then I may draw another card for clarification.




    * * * A three card reading 10 * * *

    Three cards to focus on the question(s) asked.



    * * * NEW!! Three card short reading 5 * * *
    Just receive the summary of the reading. You will get the same ultimate answer but no written detail on the individual cards etc - just the bare bones summary.


    * * * Go to Reading Request Page * * *


    2010 Lori Hampson. Nothing herein may be copied, reprinted, or reproduced in any way without permission.


    Endorsed Tarot reader for the Tarot Association of the British Isles (TABI)

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