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Tarot for Life

     These are some of my favourite Tarot decks 

    ROBIN WOOD.  Rider-Waite orientation and pagan symbolism. A popular deck with vivid artwork.
    By Robin Wood. Published by Llewellyn.



    UNIVERSAL WAITE.  A prettier, more colourful version of the Rider-Waite with a lot more detail in the pictures.
    By Mary Hanson-Roberts & Pamela Coleman-Smith. Published by USGames.




    SHARMAN-CASELLI.  Modelled on the Rider-Waite. Practical and clearly illustrated.
    By Juliet Sharman-Burke & Giovanni Caselli.  Published by St.Martins Press.

    MORGAN-GREER.  Excellent for beginners with Rider-Waite traditional symbolism.  Borderless cards for a different look.
    By Bill Greer & Lloyd Morgan. Published by USGames.


    HANSON-ROBERTS.  Good for beginners. Small size pack for easy handling. Easy to understand. Slightly medieval illustrations.
    By Mary Hanson-Roberts. Published by USGames.


    SPIRAL TAROT.  Beautifully illustrated with mythological characters on the Majors.
    By Kay Steventon. Published by USGames.


    Other decks that I own

    Gilded Tarot. Sumptuous artwork and richness of colour and hue makes this deck visually stunning.
    By Ciro Marchetti.  Published by Llewellyn.

    Druidcraft Tarot. Paintings depicting ancient Druidic traditions combining with the spirituality of Wicca. Larger than average cards.
    By Will Worthington & Stephanie Carr-Gomm & Philip Carr-Gomm. Published by Connections.
    Will Worthington has worked most of his life as a graphic illustrator, but he is best known for his artistic co-operation with OBOD leader Philip Carr-Gomm and authors Caitlin and John Matthews in the creation of:
    The Green Man Tree Oracle,The Druid Animal Oracle,The Druid Craft Tarot,The Druid Plant Oracle

    Rider-Waite Tarot  Some think the images on these cards are stark and cartoon like. Perhaps the most well-known deck in the western world. The first to use detailed pictures on the minor arcana cards.
    By A E Waite & Pamela Colman-Smith. Published by USGames.


    TAROT OF THE OLD PATH. Clearly illustrated with pagan and wiccan connections and symbolism.
    By Howard Rodway & Sylvia Gainsford. Published by USGames.


    Medieval Cat Tarot. Features aristocratic cats in Renaissance dress and style. Amusing.
    By Gina M Pace & Lawrence Teng. Published by US Games.


    Intuitive Tarot. These cards are from original paintings intending to develop your intuition, creative subconscious and self improvement.
    By Cilla Conway.  Published by St.Martins press.

     Celestial Tarot. Same author as the Spiral Tarot. Pretty non-traditional images directly relate to astrology, the planets and the constellations.
    By Kay Steventon & Brian Clark. Published by US Games.


    The Quest Tarot. Dreamlike, luminous and vivid images. Also on the cards are symbols and clues to gain answers to direct divantory questions.
    By Joseph Ernest Martin  Published by Llewellyn

    Cosmic Tarot  Popular mystical deck with New Age type images.
    By Norbert Losche. Published by USGames


    Vision Tarot  Purely photographic deck featuring scenes with real people and real objects.
    By Tim Thompson. Published by USGames.


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